What Are Some of the Red Flags For You to Seek Help For Your Anxiety?

Are you suffering from your worries?


Do you feel an excessive distress that is out of proportion, but you cannot help it?


Do you tend to think the worst in any given situation and immediately start to worry about it?


Do you feel a constant need for reassurance, yet it doesn’t seem to help?


Do you have the negative “what if” thinking that comes so automatically?


Do you sometimes have physical conditions that cannot be explained organically?


Do you feel overly responsible and yet never good enough?


Do you avoid certain situations or places so that your worries don’t heighten?


Are you unable to attend social gatherings even they are with family members or peers?


Do you sometimes, out of the blue, have some of these physical symptoms like; dizziness, pounding heartbeat, dry mouth, an inability to concentrate, irritability, muscle tension/aches, nausea, labored breathing, shortness of breath, a sudden rush of warmth on your face, sweating, shaking and twitching?


If these symptoms, thoughts, feelings and/or situations sound familiar to you, then it is time.  It is time for you to seek help for your anxiety.







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