Therapy with Dr. Lowe

What Does Therapy Look Like with Dr. Lowe?

Many people are anxious about counseling and are concerned about what goes on in the therapy session.  A typical session with Dr. Lowe starts with the client sharing the struggle or conflict. Then, though a collaborative exploration of the conflict, the client reveals the usually unconscious pattern or theme that continues to play out in their life. Usually, it is not insight alone that brings about change, but the emotional connection also needs to be addressed. A meditative or centering practice allows the client to work with this emotional attachment to the pattern. This is life altering. Clarity, focus and inner peace occurs. Your relationships become supportive or intimate, life more joyful and work more productive

Dr. Lowe’s sessions are unique in the sense that she incorporates a meditative centering practice that allows the client to begin the process of transforming the theme that is manifesting struggle. The meditations are recorded for each client to use at home between sessions. Dr. Lowe welcomes any questions regarding the therapy process. You can also obtain additional information at or Dr. Lowe’s blog site. Call 303-819-5757  to schedule an appointment.