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The Physiology of Anxiety and Panic Attacks

You would think after 65 million years we are far more different than our ancestors, Mr. and Mrs. Caveman. Well, in reality, when it comes to fear response especially, not so much. My patients often tell me about their anxiety symptoms and ask me: “I am going crazy, aren’t I?” My response is often, no, not really, blame it on the Caveman. During the Dark Ages, when Ms. Caveman...

What Are Some of the Red Flags For You to Seek Help For Your Anxiety?

Are you suffering from your worries?   Do you feel an excessive distress that is out of proportion, but you cannot help it?   Do you tend to think the worst in any given situation and immediately start to worry about it?   Do you feel a constant need for reassurance, yet it doesn’t seem to help?   Do you have the negative “what if” thinking that comes so automatically?   Do you sometimes have...

How to cast a spell on your anxiety?

"Boggarts are shape shifters" says Hermione Granger in the 2004 much acclaimed Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban movie. "They take the shape of whatever a person fears the most. That's what makes them so terrifying." As Professor Remus Lupin teaches them the defense against Boggarts spell; "Riddikulus!" he adds "..what really finishes a boggart is laughter. You need to force it to assume a...

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