Melissa Lowe, Ph.D.

I love what I do. At the age of 16 I studied the inner workings of the mind through reading books on psychology. Today, each client affords me the opportunity to help them expand beyond their limiting experiences and live their life from a new creative perspective. The tools and resources I provide to my clients are practices I use daily in my life.

Melissa Lowe, Ph.D., has practiced depth psychology since 1992. Her unique approach of combining meditative practices and insight into the unconscious, and her ability to help her clients incorporate resources to use during increasingly challenging times has been Melissa’s area of expertise, focus and personal practice. Her modality integrates Jungian, Depth and Object Relational psychologies with Heart Centered energy therapies and meditations.

Dr. Lowe is the author of Apocalypse of the Mind: Integrating Ego into Stillness of Consciousness, published by O-Books, 2011. Along with understanding and guiding individuals through their life challenges and difficulties, Melissa has advanced studies in Organization Psychology and has worked in business as a systems analyst, project manager and business consultant for Fortune 500 companies where she provided guidance and education during periods of corporate transition. She uses these skills in helping her clients through not only individual and relationship issues but also career and workplace challenges. Phone 303 819 5757.

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