Sitting With Fear and Vulnerability: A Way to Change

Many of my clients and students have asked, “Why do I have to be present in meditation with my fear? Doesn’t sitting with that fear manifest the very thing I am not wanting in my life?”


It can be confusing with the popular sentiment of positive thinking and manifesting what our ego desires by thinking and being what we desire. For example, many of these teachings tell us that if we want to manifest money in our life then we must see ourselves as wealthy.


The problem with this is that we lose the opportunity to discover an inner strength and wholeness of who we are and the ability to express that depth of stillness. By sitting with the fear of living with lack of material wealth, that which drives our desire for wealth, then we begin to release the ego’s defense against lack. We awaken to stillness with what is. Then, out of that stillness, if it is the nature of our being to have wealth, wealth will manifest.


The quote by my teacher, Dr. Brugh Joy reflects the essence of this teaching.


“It’s impossible to go through renewal without some kind of death. When you move towards vulnerability, a more transcendent energy begins to operate. If you do not experience powerlessness, there is no awakening” Brugh Joy, M.D.

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