“Sirel Taner-Caballero, LMHC has had a huge impact on my life and has definitely helped me change for the better.”

Maria Ginisi, student

” Going through a divorce was the worst experience of my life, and despite strong family support, I needed advice from an independent party. Thank God I was given Sirel’s number, because she has helped me through the darkest of days.  Sirel is great at listening to my concerns, helping me organize my thoughts, and giving me strategies to handle work, family and friends on the better days and how to get through the painful ones.  She was extremely supportive, non-judgmental, and had no agenda. I am forever grateful for Sirel’s help during this horribly painful time. “

Dr. Andrew

Sirel Taner-Caballero, LMHC is an extraordinary therapist.  She is a professional who is caring and competent in every way.  My wife and I have had other therapists in our 77 years, but she is an exception, an extraordinary listener, who is able to grasp the needs of her clients in an efficient manner and help them by her wise counseling and deep understanding.  We have benefited from her expertise and experience and from her very human methods.  She treats us with a sense of bonding from the first session and has only grown in wisdom and care since then.  She creates an atmosphere of trust in all her sessions.  Thus, she is very easy to talk with, and she knocks down walls gently and knowingly and efficiently. We certainly recommend her to anyone with mental or emotional needs.  She is a wonder.  I can only thank my lucky stars that she is our therapist.

Jack and Elaine Sughrue
Worcester, MA

Dr. Lowe offers practical techniques on how to transform a life of misery and into a life of clarity and joy that actually work very well.

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