Multiple Aspects of Self

The Multiple Aspects of self

This month’s blog is a companion to the February Monthly Video located on the Home Page. The video is a 7-minute interview with my late teacher, Dr. Brugh Joy, who in my opinion was a brilliant teacher of consciousness.

The human mind has multiple aspects of self and these aspects are not integrated into a singular personality, as we may believe we are engaging the world from. When someone speaks of “their authentic self” or “coming from a clarity of mind”, I see this as being the aspect of ourselves that does not have a component of fear as it’s motivation or intent. Fear, may well be the only component that separates all the aspects of our personality from the core self. It stands to reason then, that as we identify the fear within ourselves, our intention behind everything we say or do, then, we can begin the process of integration into a singular mind of strength and power. Compassion is the component that begins the process of integrating these separated aspects of the self.

When I am in therapy with a client, I can pick up the split off aspects within the mind by listening to the voice structure, the words that are used, and the body mannerisms of the client and this clues me into how that individual is perceiving their situation and the illusions they are using to interpreting the moment. The challenge lies for the individual to catch the distortions in their perceptions (those that are fear-based), and then to shift to an aspect within themselves that has the resources to see clearly (not fear-based). Compassion or an open-heart allows this shift and integration to occur.

For example, everyone has experienced an argument, breakup or loss of a relationship in his or her life. Many times, if one is on the receiving end of a breakup, they may interpret this as their partner rejecting them, that they are not good enough, etc. They can feel overwhelmed with fear and grief that they are unlovable. These perceptions are a result of a general fear of not being loved or not being good enough that resides independent of the relationship. The break up of the relationship emphasizes this aspect of the psyche. What is not being understood is that the breakup does not have anything to do with being unlovable but most likely is the result of the person doing the breaking off of the relationship being confronted with an aspect of their own psyche projected onto the rejected partner. In this case, it would be beneficial for both individuals to claim their piece of the breakup (their experience of the breakup) and open their heart to compassion to these aspects within them that are co-creating the relationship experience.

Another example of the multiple aspects of the self creating our experiences occurred recently with a dear friend of mine who was diagnosed with leukemia. Her first chemo treatment was scheduled. She stated that she began the process of prayer and meditation and then felt a release within herself, the fear dissipated and she “accepted” the possibility of her death while also experiencing her desire to live her life fully. She reported after her first treatment, she went in to have her test completed and her physicians were amazed that the cancer was gone, completely gone. They declared her healing a miracle. According to my teacher, Dr. Brugh Joy, my friend, through her prayer and meditation, was able to access an aspect of her self that is cancer-free. Within that instance, she is…cancer-free.

The meditation below is a deepening meditation to help with the practice of shifting into the ‘observer’ state of consciousness of compassion so that aspects within our psyche that are fear-based are less likely to be activated.

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