Pause. Center. And Shift. Changing Reality

Pause. Center. Shift. These steps are important in bringing in resource to whatever you want to do, be it creative writing or painting, relationship work,  depth awareness or as you go about your day in a mindful state. The Heart Center is a key component of changing states of consciousness. This center from all chakra systems is the one that brings a person into a state of alignment with vibrational energies of compassion, unconditioned or unconditional love. It is from this perspective that you can open up to see the inter-relationships of all things, the sacred geometry of the life that can not be accessed by the intellect alone.
Heart Centering can allow you to be present with the vulnerability that underlies defense. If you have read previous blogs at my blog site,  you understand that as an adult, ego-defense prevents development into greater resources. Adult ego defense is behind our attachment to suffering. For example, a man is in a marriage with his wife who has a pattern of being wounded and betrayed in a previous relationship and he has a pattern of feeling controlled as a teen by his mother. His wife is demanding in a sense of wanting to know where her husband is throughout the day. The man is struggling with this behavior as he feels controlled or suffocated by his wife. But, the wife is anxious and tries to still her mind by continuing to ask her husband where he went for lunch. The man can choose to react to her question from a place of feeling as if she is controlling him or he can choose to respond from a different aspect within himself. The only problem is that the surface awareness is too conditioned, too engrained in patterns from the past and will reject any other possibilities. He will continue to react with much of the same response as he did as a teen, feeling controlled by the demanding mother.
The heart center is the key to give you a different state of consciousness and will allow you to express your unique patterns and how you understand your personal patterns. The Heart Center will shift your perspectives from the wounded ego-centered pattern into allowing another perception and choice to be seen. In our example, the man could see he fears being controlled by the mother and he can see the wounded part of his wife of being afraid of being betrayed. He may choose to respond to her by reassuring her that he loves her and he can take this action not from feeling controlled or manipulated. She may respond with being heard and they can take this communication into deeper intimacy. The unconscious reactions will only result in the pointing of fingers again and each are blinded and comatose to the fundamental patterns.
Heart Centering is transformative work. To open to the heart, access my web page. There is a mediation on the opening page.

Melissa Lowe, Ph.D. is a Psychological Depth therapist and teacher of mindfulness and meditative practices. Her office is located in Newton, MA. 

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